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“Embrace your own body and love yourself but in a respectable way. “ Says Nicole Murphy at 50, in her Interview with Women Fitness.

Nicole Murphy is an American fashion model, television personality, designer, actress, and businesswoman who has spent her life in front of the camera in the public spotlight. From being a fashion model to reality TV star, she has made a career of looking great and having a great body. Over the years, she has perfected… Read More »

15 Of The Best Self-Care Gifts To Give Yourself This Valentine’s Day

All the single ladies, put your hands up if ice-cream on the couch whilst binge-watching a whole Netflix series solo sounds like your idea of a perfect Valentines Day? Depending on where you are in your relationship status, this might come with a side of self-pity, in which case let’s change that into self-care ASAP, because giiiirrl,… Read More »

Top 5 Tips to Improve Yourself in 2019

A brand new year has begun and those New Year’s resolutions have everyone feeling bright, bushy tailed, and eager to get things done. Most of us have the same resolutions each year, because it’s a good idea to never stop trying to improve yourself. With that in mind, if your resolutions didn’t include self-improvement this… Read More »