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Six easy ways to beat the bloat this summer – from ditching gum to smaller meals

A bloated belly can ­really bring you down – especially in summer. The swelling can make women balloon up a dress size – and come with pains, cramping and ­embarrassing wind problems. One in seven of us regularly suffers from tummy troubles, with irritable bowel syndrome the most common complaint. While bloating is ­occasionally a… Read More »

Monsoon 2019: Simple Ways to Protect Your Gold Jewellery in The Rainy Season

How to take care of gold jewellery (Photo Credits: Pixabay) New Delhi, July 2: The pitter-patter of rain may bring immense joy, but it certainly is not a good sign for jewellery, say experts. Sumeet Dhanraj, Director and Creative Head of Dhanraj Jewellers, and Saumya Ghai, Designer and Merchandiser at Shaya by CaratLane, have suggested some… Read More »