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World’s Most Expensive Burger is on Sale in Tokyo; Celebrating Reiwa Era, The Gold Dusted Burger Costs Whooping Rs 63,000 (View Pics)

World’s most expensive burger (Photo Credits: Twitter) How much would you spend on a burger if you absolutely love burgers? Maybe a couple of thousands? But a restaurant in Tokyo is offering such a special edition burger that it may cost some their entire salary of a month or two! Rightly tagged as the world’s… Read More »

Three-Photon Imaging Gives Unprecedented View Into Brain’s Visual Cortex

January 18th, 2019 Editors Genetics, Neurology, Pathology Three-photon microscopy is an emerging imaging technique that scientists have been perfecting over the last few years. At MIT, this has led to the first ever look into the neural activity of the entire visual cortex of an awake mouse. The researchers were even able to view the… Read More »