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This Dental Technique Saving Teeth And Money In Sudan Could Be Used Worldwide

I think of dentists as being composed and calm. They’ve got all the power over quaking patients, after all. But dentists might be just as nervous as their patients, laughs Fadil Elamin. To quiet his nerves, “Some days I have to take a paracetamol.” One way to quell the anxiety of both patients and dentists… Read More »

This All-In-One Leg Workout Smashes Your Glutes and Core

Make more out of your leg day without having to rep and rest through multiple sets of different exercises. Try this all-in-one rotational Cossack lunge and squat routine from Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. instead. “This is total one-stop leg training shopping, but it’s more that, too,” says Samuel. “The motions by themselves… Read More »