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Malaika Arora Looks Hot in a Neon Green Pantsuit So She Challenges Ranveer Singh For a Face-Off! Check Out Pics

Malaika and Ranveer in neon green (Photo Credits: Instagram) In case you are not following Malaika Arora on Instagram, then let us tell you that it is raining neon on her feed! The actress has been posting a series of super hot pictures for past few days now. The latest bunch of pictures have her… Read More »

4 iconic eye make up looks and exactly how to get them

In this week’s Beautista column, beauty editor Annabel Meggeson chooses iconic eye make-up looks and brings you an essential how-to guide Eye make-up. When did it become so complicated? And intimidating? Maybe it’s the overabundance of implements – pencils, pens, liquids, gels, brushes, smudgers – or the overabundance of instructions and tutorials (I get the irony,… Read More »

This is what a vulva looks like

Laura Dodsworth photographed and interviewed 100 women about their vulvas for her third book Womanhood: The Bare Reality and a ground-breaking Channel 4 film 100 Vaginas, which airs on February 19th. Here’s what she learned After the publication of Manhood, my last book in which I photographed penises, I found I had become a champion for… Read More »