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DNA Testing Companies Offer Telomere Testing—But What Does It Tell You About Aging and Disease Risk?

Patricia Opresko, University of Pittsburgh and Elise Fouquerel, Thomas Jefferson University Over the past few years direct-to-consumer genetic tests that extract information from DNA in your chromosomes have become popular. Through a simple cheek swab, saliva collection or finger prick, companies offer the possibility of learning more about your family tree, ancestry, or risk of… Read More »

5 Companies That Are Capitalizing On Helping The Poor Get Healthier

For too long many companies have catered to the wealthiest and healthiest consumers – the ones who can afford to pay for organic non-GMO groceries, hire personal trainers and go to the doctor without worrying about insurance co-pays. But these firms are overlooking a potentially big market: the poor who can’t afford healthy food, expensive… Read More »

From stevia-sweetened gummy bears to porous chocolate, how candy companies are responding to the war on sugar

The movement to kick sugar out of diets has been steadily growing since 2014 when the World Health Organization recommended limiting sugar intake to 10 per cent of an adult’s daily calories, and just 5 per cent to yield “additional benefits.” A growing body of scientific studies have linked sugar to diabetes, liver disease, obesity… Read More »