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Thrissur Pooram 2019 Live Streaming: Watch Live Telecast of Kerala’s Largest Temple Festival

Thrissur Pooram (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons) Thrissur Pooram, Kerala’s largest temple festival begins today. It falls on the Pooram star during the month of Medam as per the Malayalam calendar.  According to the Gregorian calendar, Thrissur Pooram 2019 begins on May 13 and will extend to May 14. Thousands of people from across countries attend… Read More »

The Hottest Cars and Luxury Watches of 2019

When it comes to luxury watches and cars, exceptional design brings together precise inner function with an alluring exterior. That’s exactly why men will spend a fortune to attain these lustworthy symbols of status and power with a heavy dose of style. Cars and watches share similar structures where the outward design is admired and… Read More »

Cleveland Clinic pegs 10 top care innovations for 2019

AI is being used in healthcare for applications such as decision support, image analysis and patient triage. “Today, artificial intelligence is helping physicians make smarter decisions at the point of care, improving the ease and accuracy of viewing patient scans and reducing physician burnout,” according to the Cleveland Clinic. “For instance, machine learning algorithms have… Read More »